Uttari Betta Trek

This trek is like a day outing trek. You can go there with your friends and family. There is a beautiful view from the top and the breeze which relaxed you. You can go there for a bike ride and then spend the afternoon, have lunch and come back by evening. The beauty is amazing. Its not a proper trek, its like walking on a big rock. This trek is the most popular trek in and around Bangalore.

Trek details

Trek Location60 kms from Bangalore
Trek length5 km
Trek duration2 days
Trek seasonAll season
Difficulty levelEasy
Fitness level neededYou should be able to complete at least 5km under 40 minutes. Preparation of about 30 days with the same pace is a must.

My Journey

I would not say that it’s a trek. It’s a beautiful destination where you can spend time with your friends and family. It has the most amazing views from the top and the cool breeze will take all the tiredness away.

The place is about 90km away from Bangalore. I started the trek with three of my friends on two motorbikes at 6am from Bangalore. As you go on the highway from Bangalore it becomes better and since it’s early morning you won’t find much traffic. The route to the village starts with an amazing view of the fields and the roads. We parked the vehicle at the entry of the village and started walking towards the trek point.

The route goes through the village and after walking for about 10-15 minutes we reached the trek starting point. The best thing is that the route through the village has all the markings for where to go for the trek. 

We started the trek at about 9 AM. On the way to top its full ascent, you’ll walk on the single rock kind of structure. After about half an hour you’ll see some fortified walls which means it was a small fort during old times. After 45 minutes you’ll reach Shankareswar temple from where you’ll see the village and the greenery around. There is a small waterbody as well which overflows during the rainy season. We rested there for a while and then started our climb to the top. 

At one place we have to make way through the bushy plants and a gradual descent. After that the peak was visible and our speed increased towards it.  We witnessed the amazing blue sky, with green grass on the ground and coconut trees. The air felt fresh and mesmerizing. We had our lunch in the shades of the boulders and we took a nap there. It was refreshing. We talked, we cracked jokes, made fun of each other, and ran here and there. It was amazing.

If you have a day off, then you must go to this place with your friends or family for a break and enjoy nature. 

We started our descent at 3 PM and it was fun. It’s not a steep descent but you have to be careful during the rainy season as the stones become a bit slippery. We reached our bikes at 4 PM and started our ride to bangalore. 

A day well spent.