Chembra peak

I did this trek as a part of my Wayanad trip. I can’t stop myself from getting into an adventure when I see a chance specially a mountain. I feel like they are calling me. This trek is an amazing trek, it becomes difficult at times because of steep ascend but I have seen people doing this trek in slippers (I wont recommend it though)

Trek Details

Trek Location300 kms from Bangalore
Trek length20 km
Trek duration1 days
Trek seasonAll season
Difficulty levelEasy-Moderate
Fitness level neededYou should be able to complete atleast 5km under 40 minutes. Preparation of about 30 days with the same pace is a must.

My Journey

This is not exactly in Karnataka but at an overnight distance from Bangalore. I did this trek on my trip to Wayanad. This is the highest peak in Wayanad and is visible from the city. I reached the base Meppadi, by my own vehicle but after that either you go by walk or take a local’s jeep to reach the forest department office.  The route is very muddy and you have to sit tight in the vehicle as it will test your strength. Private vehicles are not allowed after that point. We took the permission and started our trek at about 9 AM.

Tre trek starts and it’s almost flat for about 15-20 minutes and then you’ll reach a sign which says “Trekking starting point” and that is the actual trek starting point. The trail passes through grassland and trees and the grass is about 3-5 feet in height. After sometime you’ll enter the dense forest and as the trees pass you’ll reach the grassland again but this time the height is not that much. Then you’ll reach a lake with a lone tree and that is one of the beautiful views of the trek. You’ll feel as if it is the Nirvana tree or the tree from Kung-Fu Panda where Uruguay meditates. Of Course a lot of people will make you feel another way. We rested there for sometime.

The next part is a bit trickier as the route gets steeper and after half an hour you reach the heart shaped lake. This is again one beautiful view and from there you can see the mountains covered in mist with sun shining at the top and it’s amazing. Trekking further that point is prohibited because of conservation and protection of wildlife. We started our descent at 1 PM and reached the base at 4 PM. Since we were a group of 12 people we took time and came down slowly.