About Me

I am Shubham Kumar. I love adventure as much as I love numbers. I like to read and live life as much as I can. To me life is about gaining experiences and learning as much as possible. Learning is fun and enjoyment.

I started my travel journey as a school student and went on a trekking trip. Then there was a halt because of college studies and I was focused only on studies. I did my graduation degree and then masters degree in electronics and communication. Got the job in a reputed public sector company and everything was good. But still I felt something is missing.

One day I got up and said to myself that I am going to change things for myself, this is not how I am going to die thinking I wish I could have done something. I asked some of my friends about a long trek but they declined so I booked it myself and decided to go solo.

For the second one, I thought if I am not going to make a foreign solo trip then I am nothing, I just looked it up which countries have good weather for a January trip and in a month I was off to Vietnam. I didn’t know language, I didn’t have insurance but it was fun, scary, mesmerizing and I made some good friends.

Then after some more treks the adventurer inside me started asking for more and I got into skydiving and this is how the journey began.

My trekking experiences click here

My skydiving experiences click here

What is Adventure in my life?

Adventure has no limit and it has no definition, whatever makes your heartbeat high and makes you go nuts is an adventure. Well, I have found my adventure in the most amazing activities. I dreamed of doing these things very late in my life as I didn’t know about such things possible and had no resources to get to know about these activities but after I got to know the sky seemed limitless. I only wanted to travel the world but now I can travel the world they it is meant to be traveled. I can skydive at any place, I can scuba dive at any country, I can para-glide wherever possible. Oh it’s too cold, no problem, I can go trekking under negative temperatures. And I can help you in all the ways you want. Don’t believe these sentences, just contact me and you’ll know.

Not all those who wander are lost.