My Skydive

Skydiving is a pure adrenaline dose. It is very safe and very unsafe at the same time. Skydiving is like meditation and it is like going to a war. When you are in a dive, you forget the past and the future, you leave all your worries behind and focus only on jump. At the same time, before going to a jump you work hard, train hard and as they say, the harder you sweat on ground the less you struggle in the air. I don’t see any other adventure as extreme as skydiving.

How I got into skydiving

If I have to go back and say how it all started, I’d say it started just like that. I was going over internet and saw a skydiving video and thought that at least one should do once in a lifetime. Then I started searching for it and got to know that it is a profession as well. I became more fascinated and searched deeper.

But all came down to one thing, money. I checked what are the places in India where one can skydive and there were none. Then I came across many Indian sites that claim that they organize skydiving in India, I contacted them but no reply. Then I started looking for prices and it came to my understanding that if I do one jump then it’ll cost me somewhere around 30k but if I do 25 jumps then it will cost me 15k per jump so I decided to go for a license course.

With all search and results I concluded that I should be going to Russia as its the cheapest place in the world to learn skydive. and Russia was not asking for vaccine certificates from Indians. That’s how I landed in Russia for my first skydiving trip

Progression levels in skydiving

Tandem1In this type of jump, you’ll be attached to a instructor throughout the jump
AFF7-8Accelerated Free Fall – In this you’ll do all the jumps with the instructor and you’ll learn how to fly solo
License A25It is an advance level after AFF. you’ll learn much more about skydiving and after the license you’ll be able to jump in groups

My Skydiving Stories

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All you need is five seconds of insane courage, which in turn open the doors to infinite possibilities.