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Why is it important

It’s never too easy to start alone. I had no adventure experience and my friends also aren’t that much into any of this. So one day I decided that I am going for a trek and that’s how it all began. I believe that you gotta take chances. Many of you are those who have never done a trek in their life and I am telling you that the whole journey starts with a single step. Four years back I had nothing and by today I have done so many things that most people dream off. 

I started my journey with Kumarparvata Trek in Karnataka and that’s how it all started. I didn’t understood how it is happening to me, it just happened. Now I look back and see that how I reached here and feel amazed that I had no idea about this adventure and I was just on it.

I, then did my first himalayan trek, Kashmir Great Lakes and it was my first long duration trek and also a solo trek. My friends never wanted to go, some were skeptical, some didn’t want to take risk but I wanted to go ahead and I did. I am so glad that I took tht decision when all of my friends said no. I think the journey started then. After that I did EBC trek, Chadar trek. Now I am planning for Klimanjaro and Goechala trek but because of Covid the plan postponed and then I got into skydiving . But mountains will always be my my first love and I’ll get back in some time.

Treks I have done

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If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.

Paul Coelho